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J Davey – Ruth series

21-02-2016 (am) Mr J Davey
Ruth Series (1)

28-02-2016 (am) Mr J Davey
Ruth Series (2)

06-03-2016 (am) Mr J Davey
Ruth Series (3)

13-03-2016 (am) Mr J Davey
Ruth Series (4)


J Davey – John 17 series

21-02-2016 (pm) Mr J Davey
John17 Series (1)

28-02-2016 (pm) Mr J Davey
John17 Series (2)

06-03-2016 (pm) Mr J Davey
John17 Series (3)

13-03-2016 (pm) Mr J Davey
John17 Series (4)


10-01-2016 (pm) Mr D Morlan
Luke 13v1-9 Is there any fruit?

17-10-2015 (Anniversary Service) Mr P Watts
Hebrews 4v12 The living Word.

03-04-2015 (Good Friday) Mr P Hambridge
Matthew 27v46 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

04-01-2015 (am) Mr C Dawson
Exodus 14v15 Go Forward

18-09-2014 25th Anniversary Service Dr P Rowell
2 Chronicles 7:2 The glory of the Lord had filled the house

17-08-2014(pm) Mr D Blake
2 Corinthians 7:8-11  The doctrine of repentance

10-08-2014(pm) Mr A Hutter
2 Corinthians 8:9  Riches and Poverty

03-08-2014(pm) Mr G Chewter
Acts 8:36  What doth hinder me to be baptised?

27-07-2014(am) Mr D Morlan
Esther A better way to look at difficulties

13-07-2014(am) Mr J Roberts
The power of God

06-07-2014(pm) Mr C Dawson
Psalm 84:11 The Lord will give grace and glory

08-06-2014(pm) Dr J Lim
1 Corinthians 15:3-4 A Summary of the gospel

18-05-2014(am) Mr G Chewter
Luke 5:6 The Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath

04-05-2014(am) Mr J Taylor
Proverbs 9:4 Whoso is simple let him turn in hither

Good Friday Dr I Densham
Luke 23:18-25 The actions of men and the will of God

13-04-2014(pm) Mr A Hutter
Psalm 61:2 My heart is overwhelmed

04-03-2014(Tues) Mr R Cordle
Philipians 4:6&7 Christians should not worry

09-02-2014(am) Mr D Philpott
Psalm 107:25&29 The storms and waves

02-02-2014(am) Mr Z Gillit
Daniel 3:15 Who is that God?

26-01-2014(pm) Mr G Chewter
Song of Solomon 8:5  Leaning on her beloved

19-01-2014(am) Mr M Abbott
Genesis 1  The beginning

19-01-2014(pm) Mr M Abbott
Genesis 3 The Fall

05-01-2014(pm) Mr M Hare
Revelation 21:2 The new Jerusalem

New Years Day 2014 Mr G Chewter
Deuteronomy 33:29 The privileges and blessings of God’s people

15-12-2013(pm) Mr G Marley
1 Peter 1:4-9 Enduring faith

01-12-2013(pm) Mr J Taylor
Psalm 61:2 Lead me to the rock that is higher than I

17-11-2013(am) Mr CE Dawson
2 Timothy 2:3 A Good Soldier